Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
Kimmy Cantrell
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KC_1. August In Sardenia
KC_2. Bells And Whistles
KC_3. Dreams Of Flying
KC_4. In Blue
KC_5. Ive Seen You Before
KC_6. Midnight In The City
KC_7. Pretty Dreams
KC_8. Too Many Signs
KC_9. Woman At The Beach

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Kimmy Cantrell channels a new paradigm in ceramic sculpture. Through this artist eyes the world undergoes a metamorphosis centered on the contrasting, asymmetrical aspect of his compositions. Landscapes take on human form and lumps of clay become vivid abstract figures. Visions from his very soul manifest as striking ceramic faces, still life, and nudes creating imagery that beckons the viewer to see the world through an unorthodox lens. The results allow Cantrell to masterfully manipulate the clay to convey poignant narratives, producing an unmistakably profound emotional power in his ceramic sculpture.

Like many of this country’s great Southern folk artists, including sculptor William Edmondson, Cantrell pursued his artistic mission later in life after a successful business career. A self taught artist with continued persistence, Cantrell has been a dedicated professional artist since 1994. A native Georgian, his ceramic sculptures glistens with complex and sophisticated elements of Cubism and Primitivism.

Kimmy Cantrell counterbalances seemingly irreconcilable elements to create pleasing compositions. The contrasting, asymmetrical aspect of his compositions challenge traditional definitions of beauty. His idea is to show the beauty within flaws. In his own words, "Imperfections tell stories far more compelling than perfection. I’ve always loved primitive art, and I try to reflect that raw, primitive style in my own interpretations. Some of my work is tribal, and some is more universal. We all have roots, and the roots tend to come out in the works we create.” Written in the eyes and titles, vibrantly colored faces tell stories which reflect the artist own experiences. Another signature of Kimmy's work is his series of mixed media collages. The unique composition of elements such as clay, copper and sometimes stainless steel evolved from his series of masks.

Cantrell’s ceramic sculpture has won numerous awards and is exhibited at many American galleries and major events, including New York's prestigious National Black Fine Art Show and International Art Expo. He's appeared on FOX TV's Good Day Atlanta and in regional and national publications such as Art & Antiques Magazine, Images, and the Washington Post magazine. In 2006 Kimmy was published in “Unveiled, Photography by Will Downing and Fine Art By New and Emerging African American Artists”. Recently Cantrell was commissioned by Ruth Chris Steak House to produce large sculpture for locations in California and Florida. Kimmy’s work can be found in private collections across the United States and abroad including musicians Terrence Blanchard and Jill Scott.